Australia Triumphant Network ( ATN) Canberra Inc is a not for profit organisation. It is a registered and Bangladeshi community organisation in Canberra to promote inclusivity, strengthen, to keep Bengali cultural heritage alive and provide a platform and opportunities to the whole community to showcase their skills and uplift their cultural images to the wider community.  We are a highly motivated and multi-skilled team with friends and community volunteers to strive to deliver a quality community event that meets the high expectations of our audience and performers.

ATN's views

Our Goals:
1.       To build community harmony and connect like-minded people to Promote Bangladesh and Bangladeshi cultural heritage alive;
2.  To involve a wider community to gets the opportunity to appreciate our rich cultural heritage and cultivate community harmony;
3.     To provide a platform and encourage Bangladeshi younger generation to uplift Bangladesh image and establish a proactive engagement within Bangladesh Community members’
4.       To work together with the wider migrant community groups such as local Bangladeshi and sub-continent groups and promote inclusivity through promoting open-mindedness and acceptance of different cultural backgrounds, making new friends and spend quality time on the event.
5.       To establish a brand image.
Celebrating Diversity
ATN recognize not only the diversity within the Bangladeshi Community. We are extremely happy that we have created a space wherein both Bangladeshi expatriates and wider Australian community can come together to appreciate our rich cultural heritage. We believe that the value of having a cultural platform like ATN Canberra is not only reminding wider Canberra’s of how culturally diverse Bangladesh is, but also increasing the awareness of mutual respect and the importance of celebrating and sharing the cultures jointly with the migrant's groups that are not necessarily from the same countries.

Cultural Events:
A key way to achieve the organisational goals and engage with the broader Canberra Community is through events. We normally organised the cultural/musical events with traditional dance performances, folk, Bengali modern and classical music and participated in festivals to promote Bangladeshi products and cuisines etc.

Our Vision